Fintoil produces FINFA, commonly known as Crude Fatty Acid (CFA), which covers approximately half of our total production. With further processing our customers can turn FINFA into renewable diesel; Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO). HVO’s chemical composition is better than that of fossil diesels’, making it safe to use in all kinds of diesel motors.

The use of second-generation biofuels is expected to increase more than 10 % annually. Finland is a global pioneer and forerunner in manufacturing renewable diesel.
FINFA Product Data Sheet


A third of Fintoil’s production consists of tall oil rosin (TOR). It is used especially in the production of glues, binders, printing inks, paints and coatings.

The market for tall oil rosin is expected to grow annually, driven by car manufacturing, the building industry, packing industry, and furniture and shoe manufacturing.

FINTOR Product Data Sheet


The most important end users of raw pine turpentine (Crude Sulphate Turpentine, CST) are cosmetics, food and beverage industries. It is used in the production of aromatic chemicals which are used to create the desired aroma or taste for a product.

Turpentine can also be used as a raw material for aromatic compounds. For example, many of the everyday cleaning products in your house carry an aroma originating from pine turpentine.

FINTUR Product Data Sheet


Tall Oil Pitch with high Sterol content (TOPS) is presently the only feasible new source of sterols. This is due to the food industry moving away from the high-pressure steam distillation of plant-based sterols because of the trans-fats generated in the process.

Sterols are used in functional foods, dietary supplements, cosmetics, and in the pharmaceutical industry. In pharmaceuticals the sterols are a versatile raw material. Tall oil pitch contains a multitude of valuable and useful chemicals.

The market for sterols is estimated to grow rapidly in the coming years, with tall oil sterols leading the growth.

FINTOP S Product Data Sheet


Approximately 100.000 tons of tall oil pitch (TOP) is annually produced in Finland as a by-product of the tall oil industry. It is a great alternative to fossil energy, and it is widely used as an energy source in different industries.

Pitch is also used to produce second-generation renewable bio diesel. Finland has a long, respectable history of manufacturing and distributing tall oil-based road fuels.

FINTOP E Product Data Sheet