Fintoil’s crude fatty acid product FinFA covers approximately half of the company’s total production.

FinFA is a versatile combination of fatty and rosin acids with multiple end-uses. Our customers use FinFA to produce renewable biofuels, in oil field chemicals and lubricants, and even as flotation reagent in the mining industry, to name a few.

Many of Fintoil’s customers utilize FinFA as their main ingredient in the production of renewable HVO diesel. Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil’s chemical composition is even better than fossil diesels’, making it ready-to-use in any diesel motor, without any further alterations.


Fintoil’s Tall Oil Rosin is a vacuum distilled tall oil product. FinTOR is a mixture of resin acids, containing mainly abietic, dehydroabietic, palustric, neoabietic and isopimaric acids, and some 3 % of unsaponifiable ingredients.

Tall Oil Rosin is widely used in alkyd resin coatings, printing ink binders, paper sizing, synthetic rubber, and adhesives, among others.

Research and development is intense around FinTOR and its possible future applications. Interesting new end-uses may very well be in packaging materials and the pharmaceuticals industry, for example.


The most important end users of raw pine turpentine (Crude Sulphate Turpentine, CST) are cosmetics, food and beverage industries. It is used in the production of aromatic chemicals which are used to create the desired aroma or taste for a product.

Turpentine can also be used as a raw material for aromatic compounds. For example, many of the everyday cleaning products in your house carry an aroma originating from pine turpentine.


FinTOP is Tall Oil Pitch. It is commonly used as a sustainable, low-sulfur replacement for fossil fuel oils.

Seeing as FinTOP is a fully biobased, renewable material with a desirable chemical composition, it also has great traction in substituting fossil raw materials in the paving and roofing industries.

Fintoil also has the capability of producing tall oil pitch rich in sterols. Sterols provide many health benefits, like lowering cholesterol, making them a key ingredient in many foodstuffs, supplements, cosmetics, and pharma.