The cornerstones of our operations are the four pillars of responsible business: caring for the environment, well-being and safety, facing the surrounding community, and equality.

We work for the environment – we use carbon neutral electricity, we actively monitor the carbon footprint of our business throughout the supply chain, and minimize any and all waste in production. Our production is based on the use of ISCC certified crude tall oil, and together with our clients and partners we seek solutions to advance, develop and spread the use of renewable materials in different applications.

It’s imperative for us that our personnel feel safe, both at and off work, physically and mentally.

Fintoil’s values are responsibility and trust, transparency and directness, innovation and regenaration, and performance and profitability. Our employees can depend on the fact that they are appreciated and listened to, helping each other out when needed is the prevalent work climate, and that we always act according to laws and regulations, be it labor agreements or financial obligations.

Our organizational culture is open, transparent, and direct. We hope that all the knowledge and simple joy of work reflect outside our company as well. We face and treat all people with respect. We pay special attention that human rights are honored in all business agreements we make.


Global warming has made it necessary for all nations to make mutual efforts to decrease the harmful human effect on the environment. Producing biofuels from a by-product of the pulp industry is responsible use of natural resources at its best.

Fintoil refines raw materials for fuels, adhesives and binders, health and wellness products and the aromatic chemical industry – with a minimal carbon footprint. All this from a by-product classified as waste not too long ago.

”Our clients who create products like biofuels can cut their greenhouse emissions by up to 90 % compared to similar fossil fuels.”

Demand for renewable diesel is expected to grow strongly as it gradually replaces the use of fossil diesel.

Our raw material fulfills the criteria of both the European Renewable Energy Directive (RED II), and the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) of the United States. The full transparency of our supply chain ensures that our raw materials can be traced to their original sources.

Fintoil’s new production plant is a text-book example of modern circular economy and resource-wise thinking towards fossil-free transport. For example, crude fatty acid from our products enables the production of one hundred million liters of biodiesel annually, which is equivalent to the annual fuel consumption of about 110,000 cars.

Our products are contributing to significant emission reductions, and at the same time, achieving the Finnish government’s carbon neutrality targets when production starts by the end of 2022.