Biofueling the Future

Tall oil
fuels tomorrow

Crude tall oil is a by-product of the wood pulp manufacturing process. Utilizing a by-product that would otherwise be burnt as energy is a prime example of responsible use of natural resources, especially when used to the extent we do.

Fintoil refines crude tall oil into fractions for the production of renewable second-generation diesel, adhesives, tackifiers, health and wellness products, inks, and numerous other products.

The carbon footprint of crude tall oil products is up to 90 % smaller than that of equivalent fossil products. Furthermore, Fintoil’s production generates only a very small amount of waste. Gases are burned, and the sewage water is directed to the municipal waterworks.

In accordance with the environmental permit granted to Fintoil in December 2020, Fintoil will build a bio refinery in the chemicals harbour of Hamina, Finland. With a feed capacity of 200,000 tons of crude tall oil, Fintoil will become the world’s fourth largest crude tall oil refiner with an approximately 10 % market share.

The total investment will exceed 100 million euros. The production will start in the summer of 2022 and the refinery will directly employ 35 people, and already during the construction phase some 100 persons indirectly. New employment will be created especially in the chemical process industry and logistics.

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