No CTO into the Baltic Sea

Fintoil held a meeting with representatives from Traficom and the John Nurminen foundation in Hamina in November 2022, aiming to pursue collaboration with all actors handling crude tall oil, CTO in Finland to prevent tank wash waters of ships carrying CTO from ending up in the Baltic Sea.

These talks were held as Traficom and the John Nurminen foundation have identified harmful chemicals to the marine environment that can enter the Baltic Sea through tank wash water, one such being tall oil. It contains harmful substances that pose a danger to marine organisms. According to international legislation, tankers that have transported tall oil are allowed to discharge tank wash water into the sea, which can introduce hundreds of liters of tall oil into the marine ecosystem.

To combat this, it was proposed that companies in the chemical industry collaborate voluntarily and commit to responsible handling of tank wash water on land.

Fintoil and all other companies committed without hesitation. This means that no more tall oil discharges will end up in the Baltic Sea from tankers unloading their cargo in Finnish ports.

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