Meet Heidi, Johanna, and Karita

Heidi Campbell, Johanna Hietala, and Karita Rajala, the logistics coordinators at Fintoil, all worked in logistics before joining Fintoil. They were drawn to the opportunity to be part of the launch of a modern factory located in their hometown of Hamina.

“The application period ended the same evening I saw the job advertisement, so I had to submit my application almost immediately. I didn’t want to miss this opportunity. The chance to be part of something entirely new is exciting. The whole concept is fantastic,” says Campbell.

Hietala, on the other hand, had been seeking more flexibility and modern working methods in her daily work for some time. Fintoil’s new Hamina plant offered exactly that.

“Everything here operates very modernly, and a lot of automation is used. At Fintoil, things aren’t done the way they’ve always been done, but with a fresh approach,” Hietala says.

“I was interested in the raw material Fintoil uses, crude tall oil. Green values and environmental issues are also important to me. Having the workplace move to my hometown of Hamina brought the needed flexibility to family life.”

Smooth and Responsible Operations

As logistics coordinators, their job is to ensure that Fintoil’s supply chain operates reliably and responsibly. A smooth daily routine hinges on close cooperation with customers’ logistics managers and transport companies.

“Customers often contact us with orders, and we confirm with production that the goods can be delivered before confirming the order to the customer,” Campbell explains.

“It’s important to our customers that the product is produced responsibly, so we monitor the sustainability reports of the raw material production and, in turn, provide the sustainability certificates to our customers for the product,” Hietala clarifies.

The quality of the products and the ability to meet customers’ needs on time are ensured through close cooperation with production.

“Mornings always start with meetings with production. That’s when we ensure that we can meet customer needs and that the product quality is on point. We stay in close contact with production through Teams and phone calls,” Rajala says.

The Power of Collaboration in Everyday Work

Being part of something new has brought the logistics trio together. They have witnessed the first truck loading, the start-up of systems, and shared responsibilities among themselves. Their workdays are filled with laughter. A good work atmosphere and appreciation of their own work are important sources of motivation for each of them.

“It’s important to me that the work community works together. We don’t point fingers at anyone; we do it together. It makes a big difference in looking forward to going to work in the morning. I also know what my role is in the bigger picture and how my work affects the whole. That’s motivating,” Campbell shares.

“We are important here. Nothing moves if we aren’t working,” Hietala concludes with a laugh.