After being operational for only 16 months, Fintoil was already granted a Bronze rating from EcoVadis.

EcoVadis is a globally trusted sustainability rating with over 130,000 rated companies. The rating’s methodology is aligned to global frameworks and regulatory requirements, and the questionnaires are tailored to different industries, company sizes, and countries. All submitted documents are reviewed and verified by independent analysts, which are then distilled into a scorecard, and thus the company’s rating.

Fintoil scored a rating of 61, earning a Bronze badge. To put this into perspective, the industry average is 56, and the average of all companies assessed by EcoVadis is 52 (2024 data).

This is a significant achievement, and a testament to Fintoil’s commitment to sustainability. The certification underscores Fintoil’s dedication to implementing practices and policies that uphold environmental and social responsibility standards.

By prioritizing quality of operations and sustainability across all levels of the organization, Fintoil is demonstrating its commitment to making a positive impact on the environment and society.

We promise to keep the pace and turn that 6 into a 9 as quickly as possible.