Our bio refinery will be erected in Port of HaminaKotka, a chemicals port in Hamina, Finland. Our machines will be kicked into full gear during the second quarter of 2022, going directly fully operational.

Our feed capacity will be 200,000 tons of crude tall oil. Our process is fractional distillation, where the magic of energy and pressure allows us to separate wanted chemicals from the raw material, crude tall oil.

Fractional distillation purely as a process has been around for a long time, utilized for example already by Prohibition era entrepreneurs in the Appalachian region, and particularly by a Finnish chemist named Alfons Hellström. Hellström was the first in the world to technically distill tall oil by fractionation in 1913, and he did it in Kotka, so arguably the home of tall oil refining as we know it today.

In 2022 we come full circle when Fintoil breathes new life into the industry – a stone’s throw from where it all started.

What separates us from the rest of the industry landscape is our innovative approach to the tried-and-true process: we are making our own technological tweaks, optimizing processes for unparalleled energy-efficiency, and amplifying it all with Neste NEXPINUS™ technology to tailor our production specifically for second generation renewable biofuels. 65% of our tall oil will go into the production of renewable pine diesel and the remaining 35% is used in the creation of our other sustainable, innovative products.

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